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Seasonal / White IPA

Fresh Slice


A summer sipper built for lawn chairs, lawn games and lawn mowing, Fresh Slice features the spicy, estery flavor profile of Belgian yeast laced with the juicy hop flavors and aromas of American hops. 

This White IPA recipe tips the scales with a slice of clementine, a hit of coriander and an 1/8th of...wait, what? This one features a crisp, fresh citrus ripeness deriving from additions of clementine juice and sweet orange peel in the brew process. The first Otter Creek can offering, this is one slice you'll be holding all summer long!

What's up with all these floaties, man?

An unfiltered brew, we made this one with some extra pulp to give it that straight-from-the-kettle experience that our brewers enjoy. 

While we understand this unfiltered look might not be appealing to everyone, we believe that leaving our beers unfiltered allows us to create offerings that are true-to-style and full of flavor.

If you prefer a clearer option, consider decanting into a glass —as you would wine or a Belgian Trappist Ale— and leaving the sediment behind. Either way, we hope you’ll raise a glass with us and enjoy the full flavor of the fruits of our brewers’ labor. 

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Orange Haze