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Orange Dream Cream Ale


Introducing Orange Dream cream ale, a brand new summer treat from the OCB Crew. 


If you've been playing along, you've likely seen our cream ale with orange peel and vanilla at a few festivals

In 2016, this recipe was created by head brewer, Nick Smith, as part of an internal competition where members of the sales, supply chain, marketing and production teams joined forces to create four unique recipes, which would eventually pour at the Vermont Brewers Festival in Burlington.

Four teams. Four sessions. Four beers.

In the end, Orange Dream was the unanimous stash favorite. Often day-dreamed about here at OCB, we rolled into BeerAdvocate's Extreme Beer Fest with another take on this juicy cream ale interpretation where we transported winter festival go-ers back to summer days spent scrounging for couch cushion change while hoping to catch the ice cream truck before it rolls on by. 


We're stoked to set this flashback-inspired cream ale into the universe. Grab hold of this warm-weather treat and enjoy the subtle citrus notes of orange peel that are sublimely accompanied by a delicously smooth vanilla presence, which won't wear out your sweet tooth.

Don't be fooled by the melting pop on the can, The OCB Crew worked hard to create a cream ale with orange peel and vanilla, putting proper emphasis and attention on the cream ale style. 

This one is coming at you on draught, in 12-ounce cans (sixers + 12's) and 12-ounce bottles exclusively in our Mixed Bag variety pack.  

Flip the cushions, dig for change, pop the top, and enjoy a few before Orange Dream melts away. 

Alcohol By Volume
International Bittering Units
Light Gold