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American IPA

Berner IPA

Our freshly formulated IPA was recognized by Paste Magazine as #42 in a list of 324 blind-tasted IPAs!

Here’s a snapshot of their review:  “…Berner is scented like orange perfume and wildflowers, and is very soft on the palate, with little bitterness. Effortless in terms of drinking, it combines light pine and resin with subtle hints of sweeter, juicier citrus.”

Can of Otter Creek Berner IPA next to pint glass of beer and electric guitar on top of guitar amp

Fresh out of the studio with a new track of tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors coming from a chorus of Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade hops.

We upgraded and improved the recipe to give hops the front seat. In Berner IPA you’ll find a soft bitterness and smooth mouthfeel that work together to deliver refreshing notes of tropical fruit, melon and citrus.

Alcohol by Volume


International Bitterness Units



Orange Haze